Create Art in a Day!

Full day workshops from: 9:30 am-4:30 pm (approx.)

Workshops are limited to 10 participants which allows me to attend to

each individual need.


Intro to Paverpol Sculptures $99

There is no easier way to get introduced to Paverpol then by taking an introductory


Emily $175 made by Kari-Anne Paverpol

Emily $175 SOLD

In this workshop you will learn the basics, starting by building a form from a wire frame with aluminum


Then you will dip your T- shirt into liquid Paverpol, wrap and dress the sculpture.

The sculpture will be sitting and one colour. They can be male, female an angel or fairy.

Need: 1 white 100% cotton t-shirt and 1 roll of aluminum foil.

Once you’ve taken an intro workshop your a pro! Now you can take any other workshop you’de like.

Paverpol on a Canvas $50

In this workshop you don’t need any experience and the best part is it will only take a few hours of your time. You will be able to explore what Paverpol feels like in your hands and how easy it is to manipulate

The Mask $50

fabric into something beautiful. You will be able to take a completed project home in just 3.5 hours. 

Your imagination will jump off the page onto a 3D canvas that you can put on your wall for everyone to admire.
We will be using mixed media, which is a visual art of different types such as paint,fabric and other materials.

We will recycled tidbits of jewelry and coloured cotton fabrics to transform your creation into a beautiful piece of artwork on canvas. We are going to have fun with everything texture.You can use sea shells, keys, feathers, buttons, fabric butterflies, as long as its not plastic it will work. We will even use stencils to add some fun textured background effects. Texture is the goal in this workshop. 

Need:  1 100% cotton T-shit any colour and Tinfoil

Intermediate Paverpol Sculptures 115$

Pre-Requisite to Intro to Paverpol Sculptures.

Shakira SOLD

In this workshop you will expand your techniques. You will learn standing structure, how to

apply wrappers & paverplast to make a smoother body. They can be male, female angels or fairies…

Optional: Natural fabric 12″ by 12″something with bumps and textures adds lots of character to the sculptures clothing. Your choice of stockinette or relief decoration will be included in the workshop.

Need: 1 roll of aluminum foil.

Garden Heron or 3 Foot Lady $175

Garden Heron, made by Kari-Anne

Garden Heron


3 foot lady SOLD

Pre-Requisite to Intro to Paverpol Sculptures. Create a life size Garden Heron or a 3 Foot Lady that can be enjoyed outside year round.

This is a 2 day workshop.

In this workshop you will expand your techniques using your previous knowledge to create a sculpture on a larger scale.

Need for the Heron- 2 cotton t-shirts and tinfoil

Need for 3 foot lady- A bed sheet or pillow case and tinfoil.  

Seasonal Workshops 


Bronze pumpkin

Paverpol Pumpkin  $135

Seasonal workshop offered only in September/October. Pre-requisite to Intro to Paverpol Sculptures.

We will be creating a pumpkin that you can add to your Halloween or fall decor and keep outside for years to come. Add your own light to it and turn it into a Jack-O-Lantern.

For the colour of your pumpkin you can choose from black, bronze or orange. Create your own unique face.

Need: 2 white 100% cotton t-shirts and 1 roll of aluminum foil.

Paverpol Bunny $99

Bunnies $99

This wokrshop is a pre-requisite to Intro to Paverpol Sculptures. Offered in March/ April. In this workshop you will be guided step by step.

We will start with wire, aluminum foil and a plastic bottle. We will begin to shape the body with foil into a bunny, similar to what you would have done in an Intro class.

Your knowledge on how to make Paverpol sculptures will come in handy as we will build on those skills by creating an animal shape.

We will also use previous knowledge of standing sculptures, something learned in an intermediate workshop. If you haven’t taken an intermediate workshop no worries you will learn in this workshop. All in a one day.

Need: Tin foil and a plastic bottle.

Universal Paverpol Tree $99

This workshop is pre-requisite to Intro to Paverpol Sculptures.

In this workshop you will build on your wrapping skills by dipping fabric into liquid Paverpol wrap it onto the tree to seal in the branches making it outdoor safe.

Make a Tree that you can decorate for any season. Add Christmas lights and Christmas balls or put webs

Tree $99

and spiders on it for Halloween. It can easily fit into any season. 

I will guide you step by step. First starting with tinfoil to shape the base and branches, then dip fabric into Paverpol and wrap it onto the tree making it weather proof. This tree can be enjoyed outside or

inside as home décor. Tree stands about 18′ tall.

Bring: You will supply your own base for this workshop a rock is suggested or something heavy to keep the tree from falling over. Tinfoil and a white 100% cotton T-shirt.