What is Paverpol?

Paverpol was created in the 1990’s by a group of artists in the Netherlands to make large outdoor objects for amusement parks and carnival floats. 

It is a remarkable new sculpture medium from Holland. This environmentally friendly, water-based hardener is non-toxic and harmless to people,plants, and animals. 

Since Paverpol is made to cure rock-hard, sculptures and statues are weather resistant after hardening, and can withstand snow, frost, wind, rain, and sun. Paverpol is easy to work with. It adheres to almost all materials, except plastic. Simply dip your materials in Paverpol and drape it around a wire form or other armature and let it dry. 

Paverpol is fast drying, but allows plenty of time to sculpt and mould your design. This unique feature makes it possible for your sculpture to be finished in our one day workshop.

When your design is complete, simply wash your hands and tools in warm water. No gloves or chemicals are required. Once your sculpture has hardened, you are left with a beautiful design which can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Amaze your family and friends with a unique sculpture!

Paverpol is the art of recycling at its best as it works really well with any kind of natural material. Since Paverpol is great for the outdoors because of its ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions we have in Canada. You can create beautiful artwork for your yard which will last for years to come. It will be a valuable addition to your garden or home décor.

In my workshops you will have fun with your friends and you might even meet a few new people while experimenting and trying out different types of fabrics and textiles. You would be amazed at what you can recycle and transform into beautiful pieces of artwork and accessories!

The great thing about all of this is that you really don’t need to have any experience or artistic abilities. Whether a beginner or a seasoned artist, everyone is welcome. The Intro to Paverpol Sculptures Workshop is the perfect place for everyone to start into the world of Paverpol.

Paverpol Kits

Basic kit $68.50 includes
1 1000g of Paverpol Black, Bronze, Grey or transparent
A step by step DVD
2 wire frames



Standard kit $97.55 Includes
1 1000g of Paverpol Black, Bronze, Gyey or transparent.
2 wire frames
1 100ml of Josephines Varnish
1 30ml of highlights Gold, Bronze or Silver
Step by step DVD

Deluxe kit $124.99 Includes
1 1000g of Paverpol Black, Bronze, Grey or transparent.
3 wire frames
1 100ml of Josephines Varnish
1 30ml of highlights Gold,Bronze or Silver
1 bag of Pavercotton
1 book “How to Sculpt with Polymer” or “Elegant Figurines”
Step by step DVD